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Regional Summit

Inter-American Division

Lord Transform Me Regional Summit



The Inter-American Division shall convene four regional summits to fulfill the following objectives:

To establish among the Laity and employees, the strategic focus for fulfilling the mission of the Church in the Inter-American Division territory for the quinquennium 2015-2020.

To equip the members with the knowledge and skills to effectively participate in   fulfilling the mission of the Church.

To clarify details and build network for effective collaboration in fulfilling the strategic mission of the Church in the Inter-American Division.

To affirm and celebrate members of the Church for their passion and positive achievements in fulfilling the mission of the Church.


  Participants                          Venues                 Dates
1.         The Colombian Unions and                -Bogota           May 23-24, 2016
            the Caribbean Union
2.         The five Central American Unions     – Nicaragua      May 30-31, 2016
            and Belize
3.         The five Mexican Unions, Jamaica       -Cancun         June 6-7, 2016
            and Puerto Rico
4.         6 Unions:                              -Dominican Republic     June 26-27, 2016
            Dominican; Haitian; Cuban;
              Atlantic Caribbean;
              French Antilles Guiana;
              Dutch Caribbean.
5.             East Venezuela and                            – Margarita,     July 25-26, 2016
            West Venezuela



  1. The regional meeting shall have the following number of persons in attendance:

– Mexico                      – 1500

-Medellin                     –  1100

-Costa Rica                 –  1300

-Dominican                 –  1300


  1. Each Union shall have an average of 216 local church departmental leaders in attendance


  1. Each department shall be responsible fpr inviting an average of 12 persons. This is based on 18 departments. If there are less departments involved, the suggestion is to have first  elders, conference leaders and local church pastors in attendance at the main site.
  2. Each department shall determine the criteria for the persons who will attend the summit at the main site.


  1. It is recommended that where possible, each local field shall establish numerous sites in their territory where they will assemble numerous members of the church who will  participate in the Summit through technological means.


  1. Proposed financial Plan:


  1. Unions:

Air ticket                                             20%

Meals and Accommodation                20%


  1. Local Fields:

Air ticket                                             30%

Meals and Accommodation                30%


  1. Local Churches:

Air ticket                                             20%

Meals and Accommodation                20%


  1. Attendee:

Air ticket                                             30%

Meals and Accommodation                10%


  1. Division:

Meals and Accommodation                20%

Ground Transportation at the principal site,

Materials, Presenters and Meeting venue at principal site.


Proposed average cost for airfare, accommodation and meals

  1. Airfare                              = $400
  2. Proposed meal and accommodation = $500



Information for fields that desire to have interactive remote sites

The idea is to have one large Division meeting site (Plenary site) that is professionally captured and smaller Union/Local Fields sites that are professionally captured, all video feeds to be shared with all connecting sites.  The Division plenary site could have up to five breakout sessions simultaneously in which specific departments will meet with their counterparts who are in attendance both at the principal site in the off site locations.


The fields that do not now have the required equipment/technology to facilitate and participate interactively in the program, may benefit from the following proposal from the Connectivity department of the Division.


The costs associated with each site assume that the site does not have any of these materials, also, it is assumed that an appropriate audio console and speakers for the site will be utilized but audio will be outputted to the Connectivity audio console for better performance.  Furthermore, the video mixer suggested is a baseline component very capable for connectivity purposed but might not be appropriate for large-scale streaming.


Remote Site

  1. Video Mixer: Tricaster Mini  ….             $6,000.00
  2. Audio Mixer: Same as video mixer
  3. Cameras: 2 professional cameras ….             $4,000.00
  4. Specialized Computer ….             $2,000.00
  5. Tripods  …. $1,000.00
  6. Cables  ….             $500.00

TOTAL per Plenary Site   ….                                      $13,500.00


Departmental Site at the remote site for the breakout sessions

  1. Specialized Computer ….             $2,000.00
  2. Connectivity Camera ….             $1,000.00

(Optional Items)

  1. Screen  ….             $900.00
  2. Speakers  …. $400.00
  3. Microphone  …. $200.00

TOTAL per Departmental Site  ….                             $3,000.00 – $4,500.00



Internet & Bandwidth

  1. Dedicated synchronous 5 MB circuit per Union location
  2. Dedicated synchronous 25 MB circuit per Division location (Streaming and connectivity combined)


NB. Local sites may participate in the program through regular streaming in which they would not be able to interact directly except through Internet Chat rooms and e-mail. In that case, they will not need to consider acquiring the materials/equipment that are proposed.

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